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Take Our Advice When It Comes To Writing An Argumentative Paper—We Know What We’re Doing

You might be wondering what the difference is between this and any other kind of essay. Aren’t they all argumentative? The answer is yes and know. They are, but they’re not necessarily classified as such. We’ve written argumentative paper assignments galore. With us, you order argumentative papers online, which are written by professional argumentative paper writers. That’s a mouthful, but we assure you that specificity is key: not all writers can work on this kind of essay genre. Let us share some knowledge as proof.

So What Are The Parts Of Argumentative Papers?

These pieces are meant to address an established discussion by taking one side or the other. One tries to be objective as possible, but this is not a neutral endeavor; the writer needs to choose which argument they’ll support and give reasons why it’s the right one. Argumentative writing is unique in that this is where vocal debate finds expression on the page. If we take a look at what verbal debate is, we can draw parallels with writing an argumentative research paper:

  • Both must give background on the subject at hand
  • Both must address the other side’s points and give counter-arguments
  • Debate does not follow the same structure as an essay does
  • Topic sentences introduce arguments while in debate they are programed or happenstance
  • Where a debate hears both sides equally, the argumentative paper gives more weight to the side it is upholding.

What Does A Writer Need To Do To Engage This Essay Genre?

To create an argumentative paper, it’s not just about the facts, but about how they’re presented, in what order, and how the reader’s misgivings are belayed by addressing the counter arguments. We’ve proffered custom argumentative paper writing for years, and our clients have been involved in the projects themselves. This process has not only built our own reputation as a company, but it has taught us what works and what doesn’t. Mostly, it has helped us devise a sort of checklist to maintain excellence. Some items of the checklist include:

  • Is the introduction balanced? An argumentative research paper needs to set the stage in an unbiased way, then present facts, then opinion, and then let the reader decide from there.
  • Is the work structured logically? It depends on what you’re arguing of course, but in general the piece needs to present arguments in the order that they would naturally occur to the mind.
  • Is the writing captivating? Part of argumentative papers is spectacle. You must be as objective as possible while using the tools available to you: metaphor, compare and contrast, example, etc.
  • Is the conclusion convincing? The conclusion is where you wrap it all up into a bite-sized dose of your position. It needs to deliver the final punch to get the reader on your side.

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